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Tech Afrique is an Afro-Futurist immersive audio visual healing platform through electronic music arts and Technology. We create immersive festival experiences that allows BIPOC communities to release and heal while striving to reduce our environmental footprint at the same time. 

We support and empower underrepresented BIPOC DJ, producers, sound and visual artist from around the world who lack resources and connections to excel in the electronic music and visual art world.  We also help brands invest in a more culturally minded and inclusive future using  immersive art and electronic music as the vehicle to uplift and unify global BIPOC communities.     

Our goal is to contribute towards an equitable and regenerative future by bringing  people of diverse cultures together in elevation of consciousness towards freedom, solidarity, and expression.


Established in 2016, Tech Afrique is co-founded by Multidisciplinary Sound Artist, DJ. Saxophonist ELI FOLA and  Visual Artist/FilmMaker CHELSEA ODUFU 

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